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Edit text using gestures with your tablet PC

You can use gestures in Tablet PC Input Panel and Windows Journal to format and edit text. A gesture is symbol that you draw with your tablet pen to send a command to your Tablet PC.

For example, imagine that you are using Journal to take notes in a meeting. You need to erase a few words quickly so that you don’t miss any other important information from the meeting. Though you can use the eraser tool, the fastest way to make this kind of correction is to use the scratch-out gesture. When you use this gesture, all of the writing beneath the gesture disappears. Then you can continue taking notes. The scratch-out gesture also works in Input Panel.

In Input Panel, you can also use gestures to control the insertion point in a program. For example, you can use gestures for BACKSPACE, SPACE, ENTER, and TAB. When you use gestures to perform these actions, you get the same result that you would get if you pressed the corresponding key on a standard keyboard.

Edit Text Using Gestures
[Via : Lifehacker]

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