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Another feed reading via email services

Squeet [Free Email RSS Reader]
Squeet provides an easy way to subscribe to any RSS or Atom XML Feed via Email. Such feeds are available on virtually all News, Blog and Entertainment web sites and even many corporate web sites now offer various information via RSS feeds.

FeedBlitz [RSS, Blogs, XML, readers and aggregators can be confusing]
RSS, Blogs, XML, readers and aggregators can be confusing. Adding email services to your blog isn't. Email RSS feed and blog subscriptions powered by FeedBlitz can:
-Boost your readership to reach the largest possible market
-Give you valuable insights into your readership
-All using the familiar, most pervasive Internet application - Email.

It's easy too! No gurus required. The basic service is free to all - no restrictions, no ads, no limits on your subscriber base. Plus, you can subscribe to any blog or RSS feed by email with FeedBlitz, even if that blog does not use FeedBlitz itself.

RssFwd [Reading RSS the way you are already reading your emails]
Reading RSS the way you are already reading your emails

ZapTXT watches RSS/ATOM for you and when your search criteria are met ZapTXT sends you either:
- an SMS message to your cell phone
- or an e-mail to your e-mail address
- both SMS and e-mail
- IM (Instant Messenger)
You tell ZapTXT what you are looking for in the RSS feed and ZapTXT watches the RSS feed for your criteria to be met! When ZapTXT sees what you want in the RSS feed it sends a message to your cell phone! Then you can start your ZapTXT Mobile Widget to read the whole post or reply to the author (Craigslist only).

Similar service

Yahoo! Alerts [Stay in the know wherever you go!, Get read-time updates delivered to you instantly via: email, Yahoo! Messenger, mobile device]
Yahoo! Alerts is a free personalized notification service that instantly informs you of what you consider important and relevant via email, instant message, pager, or cell phone. To take advantage of this service, you can sign-in (or sign-up to get a Yahoo! Account) and customize your Alerts content and how it is delivered to you.

Don't forget to check Queoo.

2 Responses to “Another feed reading via email services”

  1. Blogger Phil Hollows 

    Don't forget the largest dedicated RSS to mail service of them all, FeedBlitz.

  2. Blogger Moayad 

    Thanks, I added FeedBlitz

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