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Sony VAIO VGN-SZ1VP review

It wasn't that long ago that I reviewed the VAIO S5VP which represented the end of the original VAIO S Series chassis. To be honest I was a little disappointed at the demise of the previous S Series since I quite liked it. Despite the fact that it's Sony's T Series notebooks that I truly lust after, the S Series offered slightly larger physical dimensions for users who find the T Series just too small to get to grips with. Of course I needn't have worried, because the new VAIO S Series makes the outgoing model look positively antiquated.

Think of the Mercedes SL series, when the latest incarnation of this motoring icon appeared it made the outgoing model look like a horse and cart by comparison. Now, I wouldn't say that the new S Series diminishes the impact of the previous model to that extent, but the VAIO VGN-SZ1VP sitting in front of me right now is one of the best looking notebooks I've ever laid my paws on.


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